Limited Liability Partnership Registration

A limited liability partnership (LLP) consists of partners in one or more eligible professions, such as accounting or law. This type of partnership is similar to a regular partnership, except there is liability protection. A partner in a limited liability partnership is not generally liable for the negligence, wrongdoing, or misconduct of another partner, employee or agent. Partners in a limited liability partnership may be individual practitioners or professional corporations.

Register or Renew a LLP

All partners must be either lawyers or CPAs. Prior to registration, an “LLP Permit” is REQUIRED. If you have not obtained “LLP Permit” from the governing body, we may prepare the application form with additional fees, send it to you and you can submit to your governing body. Once permit is obtained, we can complete the registration and send you the final documents.

LLP Registration Steps: We Take Care All for You

Step 1: Obtaining Name Approval

  • 1. Review & assess the name of your partnership.
  • 2. Obtaining a NUANS report from Corporations Canada.
  • 3. Obtaining the name approval from the Government.

Step 2: Submitting Documents to Government

  • 1. All government forms are filled in correctly.
  • 2. Submitting all forms with the Declaration of Partnership and your ID
  • 3. Paying the government in acceptable method.

Step 3: Collecting Documents from Government

  • 1. Upon registration completion, documents will be collected.
  • 2. Receive it in email first and then by post.

Step 4: Preparing Partnership Agreement

  • 1. A partnership agreement must be prepared
  • 2. To be signed by all partners & maintained in records.

Service Speed:

Regular Queue: documents preparation and filed in 5 business days. Registration takes approximate 6 business days. Total expected time: 11 business days.
Express Queue: documents preparation and filed in 1 business day. Registration takes 2 business days. Total expected time: 3 business days.
Urgent Queue: documents preparation and filed in 2 business HOURS. Registration takes 1 Business Day. Total expected time: 1 Business Day

Additional Services:

Additional services available at additional fees. These services include service speed queue, NUANS report, setting up for CRA business number, GST account, payroll account, export-import account, WCB account, partnership agreement, legal binder, corporate seal, domain name reservation etc.