Product Info

It is a process of moving an incorporated business from one province to another. A corporation can also be moved from Federal to province and vice versa.

This process allows a corporation to be exported out of its current Province (jurisdiction) and imported into another province (jurisdiction). The advantage of this process is that the corporation will have uninterrupted existence with its incorporation date remaining the same as its original date .

Other names:

  • Continuing a Company into Ontario
  • Change Jurisdiction
  • Moving a corporation to Ontario


Who can apply for the process:

  • A director of the company.

What is required to Continue in/out:

  • Written authorization from the home jurisdiction of the corporation.
  • Consent from the Ministry of Finance.
  • Certificate of existence.
  • Corporation documents – certificate & articles.
  • An Ontario NUANS Report (if it is to be a named corporation).
  • A physical address or street address in the new Province.
  • For incorporation process, a minimum of one Director, one Incorporator and one contact person is required. The same person can fill in all three roles.
  • For operations purposes and to fully comply, a minimum of one officer and one shareholders are also required.

What you get

Articles Sample Docs
Sample Document
Articles of incorporation
Sample Document


Time required to complete this process greatly varies depending upon the provinces involved. In most case a name approval is also required.
Expected time to complete this is 20-40 days.


Can I operate in the previous jurisdiction after the process?

Your business will no longer exist in the Registry system once it is moved out.