Product Info

Charity registration is processed in 2 steps:

  1. Incorporation as non-profit.
  2. Registering as a Charity with CRA.

Ontario Non-Profit is a non-profit company incorporated under the Ontario Non-Profit Act. It is  recognized as a separate entity from its members for legal and tax purposes. Registered Societies can enter into contracts, open and operate its own bank accounts and own properties.


Who can incorporate:

  • Three or more individuals who are 18 or up can incorporate an Ontario Non-Profit.
  • An ordinary society must have at least three directors and at least one of the directors must be resident in Ontario.

What is required to incorporate an Ontario Non-Profit:

  • An Ontario NUANS report for the Ontario Non-Profit.
  • Name must have the word Association, Foundation, Society, Club, etc.
  • A physical address or street address in the Province of Ontario.
  • Must have minimum 3 directors. At least one of the directors must be residing in Ontario.
  • For incorporation process, all directors will be Incorporators and one contact person is required.

What you get

After registering the Ontario Registered Charity, you will receive the following as pdf documents by email:

Articles Sample Docs
Certificate & Articles of Incorporation
Sample Document
Business Number
Sample Document
Minute Book & Bylaws (if included)
Sample Document
Corporation seal (if included)
Sample Document
CRA Program Accounts (Business Number, Corporate Tax ID, GST/HST, Payroll, Export-Import)
Sample Document
The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) registration (if included)
Sample Document
Annual Returns reminder (if included)
Sample Document


Completed in 2 Stages:

  1. Incorporation.
  2. Registering for charity status.

We offer the following service queues for Stage 1:

  • Regular Queue: An Ontario Non-Profit can be ready in 10 Weeks.
  • Express Queue: An Ontario Non-Profit can be ready 30 business days.
  • Super-Express Queue: An Ontario Non-Profit can be ready 15 business Days.

We offer the following service queues for Stage 2:

  • Is a lengthy process with Canada Revenue Agency which takes 2-3 Months.


My organization engages in charitable activities. Does that mean that it is a registered charity?

No. Unless an organization applied successfully and approved by Canada Revenue Agency as a charity, it is not a registered charity under the Income tax Act.

What are the advantages of registering an Ontario Non-Profit?
  • Incorporated businesses are perceived as being more stable than unincorporated businesses
  • Limited Liability to members.
  • Continuous existence.
  • There are many tax benefits.
  • Qualifies to procced to register as a Charity.
Can an Ontario Non-Profit raise funds and/or receive gifts and donations?

Yes. In fact, an incorporated Society will be in a much better position to receive grants from the government and/or private charities.

Can an Ontario Non-Profit function as a charity organization?

At the time of registration, an Ontario Non-Profit is a non-profit entity but not a charity organization. However, an Ontario Non-Profit can register itself as a charity organization with Canada Revenue Agency after its formation.

Do Ontario Non-Profit pay taxes?

Ontario Non-Profit are generally exempt from income tax. Once registered as a charity it can issue tax receipts for donations it receives..