Product Info

NUANS (Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search) is the computerized search system that compares proposed business or corporate names to a database of existing, reserved and proposed corporate names and trademarks in all of Canada.
A NUANS report is required to register companies in Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick and Canada Federal.


Name must be unique, should not be similar to other businesses.
Name must have the following components:

  1. A unique or distinctive word such as made-up word or a person’s name.
  2. Second part of the name describes the service your business is offering.

Examples of acceptable name are: ABCXYZ Home Renovation, Sarah’s Mexican Restaurant

What you Get

Document Sample
NUANS Report
Sample Document


A name approval can be processed in any of the following 3 service queues:

  • Regular Queue: Processed in 3 Days.
  • Express Queue: Processed in 1 Day.
  • Super-Express Queue: Processed in 1 Business Hour.


How long is the NUANS Report/request number valid?

It is valid for 90 days.

I have a NUANS report for a Sole proprietorship, Can I use it for incorporation?

No, you will need a new NUANS and a new NUANS number. Each NUANS is unique. It can only be used once and for the purpose it is issued for.