Product Info

To bring back an inactive Ontario Corporation to active status. We register this process with Ontario Registries and provide you with the electronic documents issued by them once the company is restored.
See Checklist section for the steps of this process.

Other names:

  • Full Revival of Ontario Corporation.


Revival is completed in 4 steps.

  1. Ontario NUANS Report.
  2. Submit a full Revival application to Ontario Registries.
  3. File all pending Annual reports.

Who can apply for Revival:

  • Director, officer or shareholder of the Corporation.

What is required to restore?

  • Ontario NUANS Report from Ontario Registries.

What you get

Articles Sample Docs
Certificate of Revival
Sample Document
Article of Incorporation
Sample Document
Annual returns proof of filings
Sample Document


Revival is a multi-step process which involves electronic processes as well as manual work.
The whole process takes about 15-25 days for completion depending upon the current turn around time of Ontario Registries (which varies according to their work load and staff availability).


Why do I need a NUANS Report to revival a Corporation?

NUANS Report is a pre-requisite for applying to restore. Ontario Registries will not accept the Revival application without a NUANS Report.