Name Search & Reservation, BC Name Pre-Search

Business Registration BC is a registered member of Corporations Canada. You can obtain BC name approval, BC Name Pre-Search and corporate records and documents through us. We are proud to offer One Business Day Super-Express Queue service. We also offer incorporation services and business registration services for all provinces in Canada.

Name Search & Reservation BC Name Pre-Search

Name Search & Reservation, BC Name Pre-Search

BC Name Pre-Search: It's a very simple form, guides you step by step and takes 10-15 minutes to complete. you can get stuck in any step, our Agency has live chat and call support. Our lawyers & specialists review all orders before starting Professional Corporation Alberta Tax, Professional Corporation Alberta Tax, cheapest incorporation services.

  • Regular Queue: Processed in 4 Weeks.
  • Express Queue: Processed in 2 Weeks.
  • Super-Express Queue: Processed in 1 Business Day.

✓ To register a BC company or society.
✓ To register a sole propreitorship.
✓ To register a partnership.
✓ To register a trade name or DBA.
✓ To change the name of a corporation.  

  • Regular Queue: Processed in 1 Week.
  • Express Queue: Processed in 1 Day.
  • Super-Express Queue: Processed in 2 Business Hours.

✓ Check a name before reserving it.
✓ Choose a name free from conflicts.
✓ Find other close by names.
✓ Check validity of a corporation's name.
✓ Check if anyone else using your name.