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Businesses registered or incorporated in Ontario can request for a change of name. The process is referred to as Notice of Alteration for company name change.

Other names:

  • Articles of Amendment.


Who can request a Corporation name change:

  • Directors or officers of the company can submit an application for name change.

What is required:

  • .An Ontario NUANS report
  • A name request number issued by Ontario Registries approving the new name for this company.
  • Name Change forms signed by the director of the corporation.

What you get

Articles Sample Docs
Name Change
Sample Document


We Offer  3 Service Queues:

      • Regular Queue: Name change procedure can be completed in 4 weeks.
      • Express Queue: Name change procedure can be completed in 2 weeks.


Can a name change be pre-dated ?

No. New name will be effective as and when Ontario Registries complete the process in their system. This date will be a current date.

When can I start using the new name for the business?

The new name of the business will be effective from the date shown in the notice of alteration issued by Ontario Registries once the name change is completed by them. We will be emailing this document to you.

Do I still have a ownership of the old name?

Once the new name change has been processed by Ontario Registries and a notice of alteration issues, you will not have any ownership of the previous name.

Can I file any other changes along with this process?
  • Changes to addresses or directors cannot be processed along with company’s name change.
  • You can complete some other combination of alterations with this filing – for example: altering the company’s authorized share structure and removing the Pre-existing Company Provisions.
  • Separate orders will have to be placed with us for any of these additional changes.