Register a Business Name (Previously Master Busienss Licence)

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Register a Business Register a Business

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If you want to register a business name under an individual ownership, you must register the business as per Business Names Act (BNA). This registration is valid for 5 years. Peviously this document was knwon as "master business licence' under an individual.

A limited liability partnership (LLP) consists of partners in one or more eligible professions, such as accounting or law. This type of partnership is similar to a regular partnership, except there is liability protection.

If you would like to operate your corporation in a name other than the corporation name, you must register it. This is also known as operating name or DBA . Previously this was known as "master business licence" under a corporation.

A limited partnership is a form of partnership formed by a general partner and a limited partner. General partner(s) manages the business operations while the limited partner(s) are don’t have active role.

A General partnership is a business registration with two or more people or corporations,
registered with Service Ontario according to and in compliance with
the Ontario Partnership Act.

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